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Features added in the new release of CheckIn 2003 Standard Edition:

  • Redesigned Configuration and Maintenance Windows
    All major operation windows have been redesigned with added functionalities, for more convenience and increased productivity.

  • More Choices for Pay Period
    Besides the monthly pay period, you can now choose weekly, biweekly and half-monthly pay period to meet your business needs.

  • Company Policy Enforcement
    Company polices regarding check-in records and security can be set and enforced.

  • Users Can Create/Modify Outdoor Records
    All users can now add and modify outdoor records manually. This resolves problems for being unable to check-in/out for outdoor work performed, such as drivers working on the road. The manually added records are clearly marked so that they can be distinguished from machine-added records while the total working hours are still calculated automatically.

  • Records Are Fully Editable for Correction Purposes
    A user with Manager privileges can edit both in-house and outdoor records for correction purposes. The operation may be necessary, in controlled manner, such as when an employee forgets to check-in when coming to work.

  • Manager Can Check-in/out for Any Employee
    A manager can use his/her own password to check-in/out for employees. The action may be necessary when an employee forgets to check out when leaving, for instance.

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