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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why should I use a software product to handle the employee checkin process?

A. A mechanical punch card device costs typically $300-$500, usually functioning as a time-stamp machine only without calculation features. Hand-writing approaches, on the other hand, as still being a practice in many organizations, are not only time consuming but also hard to avoid human errors. In contrast, the software approach has clearly superior features that cannot be achieved with traditional methods such as accuracy, security, time and cost savings, and ease of maintenance and upgrade.

Q. Why should I choose Dynalogical CheckIn 2003?

A. The best values you could possibly get in this category:
  • It is a specialized program to handle the employee checkin process and designed for ease-of-use, stability and great features
  • A full version available to download, instead of a demo or a version with functions partially disabled
  • Generous 90-day free trial period, instead of 15-30 days as usual
  • Aggressive discount to pass savings to customers
  • 15-day money back guarantee, besides the free trial, to completely relieve "trouble back at home"
  • Timely technical support to ensure customers can use the product smoothly
  • More importantly, we have been, and will continue to be, actively adding new features to the application to ensure customers are buying a best long-term product, via free minor upgrades and major upgrades with nominal cost
  • Furthermore, customizations are possible – at Dynalogical, we realize every business is unique and have put customizations as company policy.

Q. From where do I start?

A. No matter how good it sounds, try it yourself!   Download a full version of the product, and install it on a spare machine to see how it works. If you are primarily satisfied with the product's performance, use it in your real working environment to see how your employees and managers feel about it. If you experience any problems with the product, contact the Dynalogical support team for a solution. If you are satisfied with the product and service, you can purchase a license to continue to use it beyond 3-month trial period; otherwise simply uninstall it for a clean machine.

Q. What does CheckIn 2003 download file (15.6MB) contain?

A. Besides the application and help file, the download package contains MDAC 2.5 (SP2), the runtime libraries, and an installer, to ensure a one-step smooth installation without assuming that the shared files may be available on some machines. Therefore, this single package can be used on all 32-bit Windows operating systems. The package also contains a sample database with 27 employees and their working records from May 1 to September 30, 2002, for demonstration purposes.

Q. What are the system requirements for CheckIn 2003?

  • Win95/98/ME/NT4(SP6)/Win2k/XP.
  • Internet Explorer 5 or later.
  • 24 MB of RAM on Windows 9x, 32 MB on NT.
  • 24 to 32 MB (depending on your operating system) free disk space for installation (up to 50 MB for database growth).

Q. I got an error message after installation of CheckIn on Windows XP. What’s wrong?

A. It has been reported, on some (not all) computers running Windows XP, that errors occurred indicating provider not found, or unspecified errors, after installation of the downloaded CheckIn package and attempting to run the application. It is likely a problem relating to shared files, rather than CheckIn 2003 itself, if the application cannot run at all.

CheckIn 2003 needs the Microsoft Data Access Components and Jet OLEDB 4.0 to access the database. The CheckIn distribution package contains MDAC2.5 (SP2) that will install these shared files on computers running Windows 95/98/NT, if the files are not pre-installed by other applications. Windows ME and 2000 ship with MDAC 2.5. The CheckIn package will upgrade MDAC 2.5 to MDAC2.5 (SP2) on these operating systems. Windows XP ships with MDAC 2.7 RTM that does not include Jet Components, and the MDAC 2.5 (SP2) contained in the CheckIn package will not be installed on XP because the version is lower. However, the Jet components that are included with MDAC 2.5(SP2) are also pre-installed with Windows XP, according to Microsoft.

Consequently, the CheckIn 2003 distribution package should work on all win32 operating systems so far. We have tested the package extensively on freshly installed Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP, without observing any problems. The errors encountered on some machines with XP may indicate that the shared files are corrupted or not accessible (due to Registry errors) on the machine. It would provide further evidence that you cannot run any Microsoft Access database on this machine. Trouble shooting is often necessary to be performed on individual machine basis. For further assistance, contact the Dynalogical support team.

Q. Do you offer refund?

A. Following a trial of the full version for 90 days in your real working environment, plus timely technical support, you should have little chance to get wrong after purchasing a license. However, if you are determined that the software doesn't meet your needs after payment of a license fee, we do offer a full refund within 15 days following the payment. We want all our customers’ complete satisfaction on a long-term basis.

Q. How do I purchase a license?

A. The most convenient way is to purchase a license by credit card on our website. After the transaction goes through, an email will be sent to you immediately with a License Certificate. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, contact us via email for instructions. If don't have an Internet connection at all, you can send us a fax instead. CheckIn 2003 comes with a License Administrator that will guide you through the preparation of the fax.

Q. After logging into my account and preparing to check out, I found my shopping cart is always empty. What’s wrong?

A. You must enable "session cookies" in your Internet browser. Without the session cookies, the server cannot recognize your login status. It is a common practice for web servers to use session cookies to link multiple pages together in order to complete certain tasks. For details how to enable cookies, click here.

Q. Can cookies damage files or steal private information from my computer?

A. No. A cookie is merely a small text file containing information no more than your browser already told a web server when you are visiting a site. Cookies have no way to run on your computer, or bring a virus to it.

Q. How do I install a license?

A. With the License Certificate, you will receive a certificate number which enables you to add a license key for the product installed on your computer. You can launch License Administrator to start. For detail, refer CheckIn 2003 help, or click here.

Q. Can I move the software to another computer after installing a license?

A. Yes. You can move the license to another computer, subject to your having uninstalled the product from your current machine first.

Q. What are Manager login and Employee login?

A. Each "active" user (defined in the Users window), having an on-screen box, can login as an Employee to access his/her own records. A user with Manager privileges, regardless his/her “active” status, can login as a Manager via the Management Menu to access all employees’ records. An "active" user with Manager privileges can login as either an Employee or a Manager to perform different tasks respectively.

Q. What to do if an employee forgets to check-in/out?

A. A user with Manager privileges can use his/her own password to check-in/out the employee, if the option is enabled in "Policy" settings. The user can also login as a Manager to edit the employee’s record manually, as being treated as an error correction. A user without Manager privileges cannot edit the machine time-stamped records in any way for security reasons.

Q. We have drivers who sometimes cannot physically come to check-in. How to deal with this situation?

A. Employees who are performing fieldwork can add records afterward. The manually added records are clearly marked to be distinguished from computer-stamped records, and are subject to administrative personnel’s approval, while total working hours can still be calculated automatically.

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